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Advantages and Disadvantages


Technology has made us sacrifice convenience for service in many ways, leaving you with two options for completing your Annual Tax Return:

  1.  Do it yourself  (:( Tax codes? Itemize Deductions? Standard Deductions? Who knows?)                                            OR

2.  Choose a random service with different preparers each year. (:( Who are these people?)

Below are lists of  Advantages/Disadvantages to determine if our services can assist you:


Advantages of selecting Hart Services

  • Excellent Service and commitment with Hart Services Mobile Tax
  • No need to worry about forgetting documentation, or haul your paperwork to a tax office, your tax return can be completed in the     comfort of your own home
  • Meet with an affordable tax expert at your convenience in a comfortable, familiar space
  • No long waits in crowded offices
  • Speak with someone who will really listen – someone who knows the tax rules, and knows which questions to ask to determine your           lowest legal tax liability
  • No child care needed
  • No missed time from work or social activities
  • A detailed pricing advantage; know what you are getting: low fees, outstanding mobile service, and peace of mind


Disadvantages of Do-it-yourself 

and choosing Random Tax Preparers

  •  Are you missing out on deductions that could save you money?
  •  With online services you are basically on your own with little or no support.        
  •  What to do about those unanswered questions or terms with definitions that aren't entirely clear?
  •  What about subtle changes to tax laws or unusual circumstances that tax software doesn't cover or explain?
  • Higher Costs for less service. If you pay a tax preparation company or CPA to do your taxes, you can expect to pay – a lot for a service you may not need.
  • Some tax preparers may not have experience with certain tax forms or your personal circumstances, some charge ($) by the form and some forms  may be unnecessary.
  • Is the tax preparer taking the time to listen to your concerns, or just rushing to get to the next client?