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In this crisis, our first priority is the safety and well-being of those we work with and serve. For that purpose, we have adopted social distancing, and enforce remote working whenever possible in accordance with regional and national recommendations.

While maintaining focus on keeping everyone safe, we are continuing business operations and at the current time, Please call on us to help you in any and every way. We will do our utmost to help you to the fullest extent possible.

We hope that you and those around you are and remain safe. We are privileged to have you as a customer and even in this unprecedented situation, are working hard to continue serving you as you expect. Thank you for your business, your friendship, and your trust.

Demetrius S. Hart


News & Updates

  • IRS Processing Delays
  • Payroll Tax (Trump 6.5% Payroll Tax Deferral)
  • 2019 Extension Deadline October 15, 2020
  • Estimated Tax Payments 3 & 4 Quarters are due Sept 15 and Jan 15 respectively

Hart Mobile Tax

Hart’s Mobile Tax!

Hart Mobile Tax will give clients the freedom and flexibility to complete the tax preparation process via their smartphone, computer, or tablet, without visiting the office, and still have acces to a local tax professional. Scan the QR Code below with your Smartphone or Tablet, or you can click the link to visit:

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